9-Requests to the visitors

  • Seashore full of dunes is very delicate. Do not drive to the seaside by car!
  • Sea holly is very rare and endangered species. Do not pick it!
  • Birds nesting season is from 1st of April to 15th of July. Do not disturb their peace on islets and beaches!
  • Clean forests are natural resources of Kihnu Island. Do not leave litter behind, but put it in the trash bin!
  • Kihnu is small and every piece of it belongs to someone. Do not tent outside the tenting areas.
  • The forests of Kihnu are inflammable. Do not make fire outside existing bonfire places!
  • People of Kihnu are peace-loving. Do not go to their yards nor trample on their fields and meadows!
  • Boats and fishing gear are vital for the men of Kihnu, even more than cars for mainland men. Do not touch these!
  • The animals dominate the coastal pastures. Do not disturb them!